❝ Most of all, love each other as if your life depended on it. Love makes up for practically anything.

— 1 Peter 4:8, MSG 

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4 out of 30

This is what march felt like

It felt like hope.

Hope that maybe you would

Return to me like new grass in spring

It felt like adventure

How many puddles can you jump?

It was the first day of spring

The first day of a new season

Will you still be here when this

one passes?

This is what march felt like

It felt like love

Like the earth was finally giving up

On the cold shoulder

It felt like our fingers didn’t have to

Intertwine for survival,

But because they wanted to.

March, it felt.

-Cynthia J. Zapata


Walker. Shaky hands. Squats. Throwback.


House Call - The Shouting Matches 


4 out of 30

After an Existential Crisis 

Mama earth, 
Remember me?
Your daughter of summer
Your June baby bug
I happen to be your moon
tugging on your apron

Won’t you lift me up?
Take me into your arms, mama.

Can I lay here in the meadow
and will you speak to me with wind?

Will you tickle me with grass, 
mama, let me in.

From stardust and mud I came, 
and in the same return

Mama, will you let me come

Mama earth, will you swallow me

-Cynthia J. Zapata


Love More - Bon Iver

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3 out of 30

hoods up, my dear
look down
you’ll avoid the rain
that way.

button up
pull up the zipper
incubate your insides

give yourself the illusion
of warmth,
because you know it will
and the cold will sink in.

-Cynthia J. Zapata


Sheep brain. A delicacy.


2 out of 30

I bit my pen so hard
it burst and wondered 
with disgust if that’s 
how my poetry
tastes like to others

I’m a wannabe dropout,
failed role model and
older sister, 
disappointing daughter,
but worst of all 

a half able poet. 

-Cynthia J. Zapata


Dancing in the Moonlight (Cover) - Alt J

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Sierra DeMulder // “Today Means Amen”

"The word today means amen in every language. Today, we made it. Today, I’m gonna love you. Today, the box cutter will rust in the garbage. Today, the noose will forget how to hold you. Today. Today."

Unbelievably excited to finally release this project. Please share, spread Sierra’s beautiful words, positivity, energy.

1 out of 30

I was born with a big heart.
One so big I wanted to
carry the world in it.

They said that it would be
a heavy burden to carry.
They were right.

Now my heart is all
stretched out.
It’s ready.

Ready to love the
world in you.

-Cynthia J. Zapata


30 poems in 30 days.


Oh! Darling - The Beatles

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Haiku: Fight

You and dad left for
work. Both cars were gone this time.
I ate dad’s breakfast.

-Cynthia J. Zapata